The tragic finale of one of many inter-country adoptions took place in 2016, when one of the two small sisters (3 and 5 years) became a victim of a brutal rape, which ended in her disability.

Both girls were subjected to the process of inter-country adoption from Poland, by the National Adoption Center of the Society of Friends of Children, run by Barbara Passini and the American agency European Adoption Consultants (EAC).

The children were separated after arriving in the USA, and the elder sister was handed over to John Tufts, a pedophile who, as it turned out, was the son of Debra Parris, one of the employees at EAC (director of African affairs) at that time, who also committed crimes: through fake adoptions she smuggled children from African countries.

The brutal rape of the five-year-old child was one of the reasons why the Polish Ministry of Family suspended permission for the National Center to send children abroad, thus depriving the only one child dealer of the possibility of perpetrating further criminal offenses, of expelling children from their country against the constitution, exposing them to all kinds of dangers including loss of health and life, as well as of receiving high amounts of money for that.

A few months after the brutal rape by a pedophile whom the five-year-old Polish citizen had been sold, the US government posted on the Internet information that temporarily (for three years) the EAC agency will not be allowed to buy more children internationally.

European Adoption Consultants (EAC) Temporary Debarment Upheld

On December 16, 2016, the Department temporarily debarred European Adoption Consultants,Inc. (EAC) for a period of three years. As part of the debarment process, EAC was given an opportunity to dispute the Department’s temporary debarment action. EAC requested a hearing and presented its case through written submissions and an administrative hearing held October 23-26, 2017. On December 13, 2017, Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs Carl Risch upheld the Department’s temporary debarment of EAC. The temporary debarment will remain in effect until December 15, 2019, at which time EAC may apply to the Secretary for withdrawal of the debarment. In the interim, EAC is prohibited from providing any adoption services in any intercountry adoption cases.

Soon after, the Polish government blocked Barbara Passini's ability to sell children under the guise of inter-country adoptions. Conscious of the loss of huge incomes, the woman sent letters asking the government for the possibility of completing the commenced transactions, concealing the problems which her partner agency, the EAC being  subjected to the control of the FBI, at that time.

In mid-2017, information appeared that the Ohio Attorney General's office in the United States is aiming for the EAC, an "international adoption agency" based in Strongsville, to be completely resolved and deprived of the possibility of any activity in the state.

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The Ohio Attorney General's Office is seeking to have a Strongsville-based international adoption agency dissolved and banned from doing business in the state.
European Adoption Consultants and its owner, Margaret Cole, took up to tens of thousands of dollars from clients and did not follow through with the services it promised, according to a lawsuit filed Thursday in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court. The agency is under investigation by the FBI.

In January 2017, during the public debate of the parliamentary team "Child's good as the highest goal", on the subject "The child's good in the adoption procedure", Barbara Passini proudly told about the alleged "revolution in the adoption system" of 27 years of her term as director, not mentioning the withdrawal of her qualification to continue trafficking in children, and as a reason for leaving the office she gave the will to take care of her own grandchildren. She completely concealed the dark side of her actions, pretending that nothing bad had happened.

In the 90s of the 20th century, in the American newspaper The New York Times, an article appeared about the adoption business in Poland that was thriving at that time in Polish blue-eyed children who were in hundreds exported from the country. Here is how, at the very beginning of her commercial career, Barbara Passini, Director of the Society of Friends of Children, commented on this topic:

"There many be several hundred, several thousand, maybe even tens of thousands of cases. There is no way to know. I hate to say it, but it seems to me that Poland has one of the most serious markets of white babies. It sickens me to use this term, but unfortunately it is the truth."

The publication of the son of Barbara Passini, Paweł Passini, was equally terrifying, as soon after his mother's center lost the permission to take children from the country, he admitted that there were attempts to sell the minors for organ donations, which he claims his mother thwarted.

"Thanks to the efforts of my Mother and her co-workers, the siblings were no longer separated by adoption. Inter-country adoptions began to be monitored until the adoptees reached the age of majority. We succeeded in thwarting attempts to export children as organ donors. Because of this, my Mother was being dragged round the courts for allegedly defaming of those who took part in it."

Barbara Passini was involved in adoption business for 27 years. It was her fault that over 2,300 children were exposed to the tragedy. Although John Tufts has been convicted by a Texas court for nearly 50 years in prison for violent child injury, and both agencies have lost their permission to commit international crimes, the problem has not been resolved. Not all people have been punished for the bestiality against the five-year-old girl and other children, of which tragedies were not covered by the media. It seems that there are still centers that can legally deport children from their country, without providing them with any protection, as Barbara Passini once again informed the public, this time in a statement for the TV station "TVN":

"We do not have any jurisdiction in the United States.",60/utrata-zaufania-do-osrodka-ktory-znalazl-dom-dla-2-tys-dzieci,709424.html